New Gallery: Orange Ship Details

20130530-171932mws. Tagged with
Krk, Croatia

As an end point to this year’s images from the town of Krk on the island of Krk in Croatia, here is a gallery of ship details again, this time featuring the color orange. With red, blue and now orange the ship colors are basically done, the sailships in plastic white and the small number of remaining wooden boats at least up to now did not provoke my image seeing facilities to greater or systematic efforts. We will see what the next year brings.


    1. Thanks, John! The absence of spectacular, unknown things in a familiar place made me have a closer look on the “normal” things.

    1. Yes, Paul, that evening light pretended to carry all (early) summer’s warmth we did not get at that time. Instead it was really cold most of the time, me not rarely wearing two fleece jackets at once.

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