Little Big Red

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Dubai Airport, UAE

A leftover from the last trip to Harare. Having to spend hours in an airport is not really desirable, but as with train stations, they can offer photographic opportunities.


  1. I used to do a fair bit of travelling and I have to say that I didn’t mind airports. As you say they offer a myriad opportunities for photos but they are also a great place for people watching. If you ignore the tired business folks who obviously just want to get to where they are going, most people are generally upbeat. They’re either going off somewhere exciting or they’re waiting for an arrival to meet up with loved ones or whatever else. I quite like it. Though I should point out, I’ve mostly travelled for pleasure so that probably puts a different perspective on what I see.

    1. Cedric, for me the duration of the trip and the stay closely correlate with my feelings when staying in the airport – exhaustion usually is not a good base but all to often prevalent on a business trip with long coach flights. But even then seeing can happen – maybe especially then.

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