Ready For Prime Time

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Jezevac, Krk

Pentecost was early this year, and with it the Bavarian school holidays. In Krk, the locals seemed to be still preparing for the guests arriving June 1st or later, when the weather is supposed to be much warmer than in the last weeks of May. For me it was still ok, as it minimized the need for that sticky sunscreen lotion.


  1. Funny how a preconception (and maybe tiredness) can affect the interpretation of a photograph. We are having an exhibition of Steve McCurry here in Finland, and his photograph of Fishermen at Weligama came to mind, as if these were poles on which to stand fishing when the sea rises higher. Not quite right. Although I guess this is a kind of fishing, in the end.

    1. McCurry’s famous image of the Weligama Fishermen I knew, too. And despite having been that often to Sri Lanka, I unfortunately never made it to Weligama. But my first association with this image here was one of John Pfahl’s “Altered Landscapes”, #3 here.

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