Domestic Flood



Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria

Thanks God we are not in danger of being flooded, but there are thousands in a less lucky situation: My wife’s university town, Passau, sees the flood passing a highwater mark that had held for 500 years! My thoughts and best wishes are with those fighting the water there.


  1. Oh, this looks rough. But you Germans seem to have made structures foresighted enough to survive this one, at least. We haven’t been doing so well over here. But the next one?

    Things are not normal. On my usual four mile loop walk today, with heavy rains for past two days, I was feeling great, the air is wonderful, then I encountered an allergic reaction to hyper-local pollen that almost stopped me in my tracks. Essentially a full-blown asthma attack (I don’t have asthma) that goes away as I manage to walk another mile and get away from the specific pollen. This extreme problem allergic reaction to local pollens has only happened four times in my about to be 64 year life, and two of them were this spring. Something is very wrong with our environment.

    1. Yes, Carl, it seems that normal statistics can’t explain too easily what was happening. There might be more to come.

      Sorry to hear about your health problems! My de-sensibilisation was incredibly successful, as I experienced the first spring in probably 4 decades without any antihistaminic medication, in spite of a pollen-loaded spring of, as the doctor said, epic dimensions: the long winter seems to have created an unusual coincidence of blossoming plants in big numbers. So maybe – if we are lucky – what you encountered was just a natural overdose.

  2. Wow! Eclipsing the a 500 year level! Those are some turbulent waters, there, my friend. Glad to hear that you weren’t in, or near the path, of all of that water.

    1. Paul, those floodings certainly were extreme, and what is worse is that they happend after a decade of large-scale investments in dams and special flooding zones that were meant to cut those spikes of water that are now devastating the cities. And the last flood that reached the 100 years marks is only ten years back…

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