A Convsersvationist’s Delight

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Located in one of the heartlands of Car Germany – the Stuttgart/Sindelfingen/Zuffenhausen region, where both Mercedes Benz and Porsche have their factories – cars play an important rule in Ludwigsburg, nicely complemented by big bicycle lanes and e-car stations. But for a true enthusiast, a car without the smell of fuel is not a real car…

And while many concentrate on cars, some houses are spared from replacement by concrete, and the heritage conservationists can still dream.


  1. I saw the title and thought this is about people who are good at speaking … it took some time to get on track. But indeed, conservationists would rejoice seeing this.

    1. oh, oh, what a nasty spelling error. Sorry for the misleading headline, Juha – I really don’t know if I was just inattentive or if some last second spell checker did his work. Anyhow, you got it right!

  2. Well, I think it is delightful, a conversation/conservation piece. In fact, it took me a while to spot what was wrong with my expectations with the posting, and I even had to check with an online dictionary how the spelling goes…

  3. This is my second visit to this post and thought along the same lines as Juha. I actually liked the word play thinking that it was intentional 🙂

  4. Yes, as an intentional wordplay it definitely works. Well sometimes (albeit not too often) we can profit from our lapses, too.

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