Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria

Today I managed to hang my prints of the “Forcola” in our adult education centre’s main hall as part of a group exhibition of our local photography class. The venue is the ancient fire brigade’s car hall, with a more than difficult lighting situation as the now glass-equipped doors provide enough light to cause all glossy surfaces to act more as mirrors than to reveal a photograph’s fine nuances and details. But with the square arrangement of my square crops I was quite happy in the end – after the difficult and tedious work of glueing them on foamboards. Should I ever sell such an image, I will happily provide it matted but certainly not mounted on one of those boards. There are too many possibilities for faults, invariably destroying the print as a merchandise.

Hanging The “Forcola”


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  1. all die mühen haben sich mehr als gelohnt, ein grossartiges tableau hervorragend präsentiert, ich wünsche dir viele besucher und bewunderer!

    1. Danke, Walter! Am Freitag ist Eröffnung, die lokalen Spitzenmedien haben ihr Kommen angekündigt – das muss eigentlich ein Erfolg werden!

  2. Wow, that’s a big installation. Even the individual prints look really large. Interesting too how a space that seems nice and light and bright for ordinary purposes causes real display problems for artwork.

    1. Carl, the prints are 24″x24″, printed in a lab at 300dpi and therefore in need of modest upscaling from the G3 raw file. With monochrome images – I used a transfer of the lenswork toning into AfterShotPro – I’d say this is without any problems even for these ISO 1600 files, but of course the result doesn’t look like large format work.

      Re. the lighting, semi-matte fibre-based papers from an inkjet process would be more suitable here than C-prints. But then, I was the first to hang my images, so I had the choice.

  3. Sieht sehr sehr gut aus. Die Säule daneben passt perfekt. Viel Spaß (und klar, viel Erfolg, aber der Spaß ist genauso wichtig!) Ha, sagte ich nicht schon immer, wie gut diese Fotos sind? Gel!

    1. Danke, Martina – Freude hat es schon gemacht (und bereits viel früher, als Du Dich hier so lobend geäussert hattest) und wird es bei der Vernissage sicher auch machen. Der Erfolg ist schon einmal der, dass sie als physische Objekte gezeigt werden, und das ist ein Unterschied zur pur virtuellen Existenz im Web. Darüber hinaus – das wird sich zeigen!

  4. Hanging pictures on a wall with such preciseness is no easy task let alone sticking them on boards. Great job Markus. They look beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Cedric. This board mounting was really a tricky task – I got better with every piece, but it’s not really something I’d like to repeat. What I found slightly annoying is the fact, that the foam boards did cost much more than the large C-prints. Ok, I could have chosen inkjet prints on Hahnemühle paper from a master printer to reverse the price ratio, but that would have been overkill for such an exhibition…

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