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  1. Very motherly types, indeed!

    Thanks for that, ­čÖé

    I wonder what’s the meaning of the ancient vaulting horse?

    1. Martina, christmas is a sports event, didn’t you know? In the shadow to the left there’s even an old basketball hoop!

      1. Ah, I see. And they just finished circuit training with the medicine ball and that’s why they took their clothes off and .. eh … hm …

  2. That is a very funny picture. I can’t quite work out why, but it’s really made me laugh out loud. Perhaps they are snowgirls. I guess I don’t see many shop windows, my sense of direction always seems to take me away from city centres!

    Martina – that’s not a vaulting horse, it’s a Yuletide Log!

      1. Well, as I learned from the (sic!) Internet, the Yuletide logs got transformed from hardwood to table sweets when iron stovens were introduced. Having them draped with lingerie then is not so illogical as it may look at first sight. It’s just sweets for a smaller target group…

  3. Markus, this is a great Christmas picture. Some get what they want for Christmas, and some don’t.

    In my teenage years I had a summer job working in a department store. One day took a staff only elevator up to a top floor that was warehouse. The elevator doors opened onto a large dim area filled with hundreds of beautiful, naked women in sexy poses. Gave me quite a turn until I realized they were mannequins.

    1. I know what you mean, Jeff – the male brain still has quite some residues of primate reflexes left ­čśë
      As the times are less prudish now, mannequins in red underwear for christmas are no scandal any more, thanks god. But a bit awkward that situation still is, and thats probably what makes us chuckle…

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