Unnamed Rd, Addergoole, (osm)

A yellow wheel barrow on top of a mountain, at the end of a steep foot path, of course poses some questions. The best answer we could come up with, was that some kids had made a joke out of taking it away from one of the path improvement sites and put it on top of the Binn. Colorwise at least it provided a remarkable contrast against all the soft coloring of the Connemara National Park landscape

Wheel Barrow On Binn Ghuaire


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    1. Thanks, Colin! Re. the treatment, this is probably a “know your tools well” case: AfterShotPro was my favourite raw converter even when it was named “bibble” (the choice under linux is really limited), and its unsharp masking (for local contrast enhancement) and wavelet sharpen tools allow careful improving of my Lumix’ raw files. The latter shines as long as object contrast is not too high, but normally provides well graduated raws. And the whole workflow is so fast, that I simply never bothered with any out-of-camera jpegs…

  1. I suppose the view could be the reward for all of the hard work of getting the wheel barrow to the top. ­čÖé

    1. Then I was lucky, Paul! I didn’t have to carry a wheelbarrow over those steep steps, only to wrangle my herd of daughters ­čśë But the view indeed was superb – down in the valley is Kylemore Abbey, which we had visited beforehand on a quite rainy day.

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