1. When I turn my head to the right I see one of the “Perlhühner” that are sitting on the upper shelf in your photo. I recognised the “bottoms” immediately.
    It’s a pintade from Lussan/France – we bought it 20o7.
    If the chest of drawers it sits on were a little bit more tidy I would post a photo 😉

    … some little tidbit from my life … 😉

    1. I found those on the Lusson website – mighty decorative (I’d put them in some very sobre Bauhaus style environment with a lot of white). Oh, and did you see the fabulous christmas trees in the picture?

  2. Regarding the christmas trees (and now I wouldn’t have realised them without your hint ;-)) – they remind me of Heizkörperbürsten (I am quite sure there is no English equivalent for this :-)).

    Yes, our pintade sits more or less alone in front of a white wall – the white wall is the most Bauhaus-like style you can get in a terraced house …

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