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  1. As you’ve probably realised, I love being in this sort of countryside. Was it near a lake? That boat looks a little incongruous in your composition. Very atmospheric.

    1. Yes, Colin, I guess the Irish countryside can be somewhat similar to Scottish landscapes. I find it fascinating, especially when comparing to the lush Bavarian sceneries, where trees form important visual centers almost everywhere (besides the agrarian steppe).
      Click to enlarge: [f/7.1, 1/60 sec, 18mm-e, ISO 160, DMC-G3]Re. the boat: the place is not so unnatural as the image might suggest – it is indeed near the sea (just have a look at the map linked below the picture), so near that the image to the right includes the “dangerous waves” warning sign. It is the place from which St. Brendan is supposed to have left for his voyage to America.

  2. An interesting place for a boat. Given all of the rocks, I don’t see much use for the boat, actually. 😀 I love the title! Very much to the point, Markus. LOL

    1. Well, see my reply above re. the place for the boat. Just behind my back was a tiny fjord-like harbour with two more boats.
      Re. the title I plead guilty: I selected it for its bizarreness – and in the end, this is an image from real life, where things rarely are straightforward.

  3. I thought it must be something like that! Re the trees, our “wilderness” landscapes are very much manmade i.e. we cut all our trees down many years ago. Originally, primeval forests would have covered our highest mountains, but centuries of farming amongst other things have left the soil so poor that now we have a very high proportion of the world’s peat bogs. Whilst I love these landscapes, I do find it all rather ironic.

    1. Yes, many landscape types we enjoy and attest beauty to are manmade, like the alpine pastures here in Bavaria. And enjoying them is all too easy with a car at hand to drive to, and a hot shower after a day’s walk.

      Just imagining how life was at those times you only had an open fireplace in a one-room-house and some peat to cook and keep the place warm…

      But the terse beauty of these landscapes is undisputable.

  4. Love the picture. The boat does seem out of place, until hearing your explanation. But I think this is part of the draw of the picture.

  5. This is a wonderfully quirky image. Beautiful scenery too. I miss that sort of landscape from my time in the UK. It got me totally hooked on hiking.

    1. Cedric, for me it was the first time to discover such a landscape – terse, and if you think of it, not really inviting if you have to live on and from it. But to visit and enjoy it for a limited time and a possibility to retreat it provides a wonderful scenery to delve in and get a balance weight to our overly engineered urban environment.

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