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  1. Markus, a lovely photo but also an interesting subject.

    In the spirit of wanting to know…I did a little research for information on what appears to be fishnet beacons (drift nets, fishing buoy transmitters) your photo shows attached to these buoys. What I found was these beacons, if that is indeed what they are, are of course battery powered and use fairly inefficient antenna, yet they can be heard for hundreds or even thousands of miles for locating drift nets. Gotta love the Internet. 🙂

    1. Earl, this is certainly something I, too, love the Internet for: if you ever get interested in something even not mainstream, you can succeed to find really in-depth information without having to move from library to library or to wait until a certain volume is available again.
      When I was a kid I sometimes really got lost in my encyclopedic lexicon – so much to know!

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