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  1. Though I am not a religious person, by any definition, I do love the architecture and the interiors of some of these buildings. Nice shots – I think the interior could make an excellent HDR type of image.

    1. John, religion – and in Italy that was and is the Roman Catholic church – has been a driving force for all kinds of arts through many centuries, and in Europe for centuries there religious and civil powers were one or at least closely affiliated until maybe 150 years back, so it is no wonder that many churches are culmination points of artistry. And as photographers, we still can benefit from these masterpieces.

  2. Love the inclusion of people in the foreground to give a sense of scale to the cathedral interior, very impressive indeed.

    1. Michael, kids certainly sometimes come in handy 😉

      Architecture- and mood-wise Venice certainly is superb, and I will always take any chance to return there.

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