Fondamenta Dandolo, Venice, (osm)

During the day, the main routes to St. Marc’s Square, the Rialto, and the Canale Grande are busy – the nearer you get to those attractions, the more congested are the alleys. You must be a diehard tourist to enjoy this, but the fine thing in Venice is, that it’s still easy to escape: minutes only, and you can find a place, a bridge, a channel that looks almost forlorn. And of course, if you manage to get up early, you can find a wonderful, even poetic place. I didn’t manage this time, but most unfortunately I have to come back on a business trip in october, when it’s supposed to be empty, cold and hopefully foggy.

Campo Giovanni E Paolo Santissimi By Day


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  1. AHA – Venice demanded a new background colour in the blog. I like it.
    Is there a < missing in your link up there? Yadadaaaa, I know, it's always me complaining.
    Since TFG's comment about the water I imagine it as some sort of "spüllauge" (soapy water?) – the blue in this photo supports my imagination.

    1. (HTML fixed – my email2post script was flawed)
      Well, I guess theme-wise it was simply time for a change. And I still admire the powers of CSS – 20 lines of CSS statements, and the whole thing looks completely different.

      Re. the water in Venice: In spite of knowing that they now have (a kind of) regulated sewage discharge, I’d never like to touch that liquid – the percentage of water therein is supposed to be substantial, but the rest certainly can be a deadly mixture for all non-Venetians. But in October I will certainly ask city officers about the official status of the water in Venice and the lagoon.

    1. Danke! Ich könnte ja jetzt weit ausholen (in dem Falle wäre es eher “aushohlen”) und über die prinzipielle Überlegenheit der Micro-Four-Thirds Sensoren schwadronieren, ein Making-Of anhängen, das erklärt, wie ich mit 40 Einstellungsebenen genau die richtigen Nuancen aus einem eh schon fast perfekten
      Rawfile herausgekitzelt habe und und und…

      Ehrlicherweise war einfach das Licht perfekt, und ganz vorsichtiges Justieren der Farben in Richtung “weniger Sättigung” hat dann dieses Bild ergeben. Freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt!

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