1. I like the strong reflected blue of these windows yet it’s raining so it makes me think there is a tall blue building across the street (on the side you were) that’s reflecting. Interesting1

    1. Earl, there was a certain bluish-grey sky and maybe the white balance erred a bit on the blue side, too (which I did not mind), but the buildings in my back were more of the drab grey kind.

      For visibility reasons probably the realtors here have resorted to blue light (associating blue chips?) not only on the ground floor but also upstairs. There’s a lot of money to earn here in Salzburg’s Griesgasse, with millions of tourists passing by every year.

  2. Lots of blue here, including the umbrella. I like it. It gives a very rainy day feeling. It would have been totally different with warmer colored lights in the windows, offering perhaps a haven from the coolness of the evening.

    1. Paul, I wanted to take that image some moments earlier as I found the blue interesting enough – a rare color for shop decoration – but from a corner of the eye I saw that person with the blue umbrella coming and decided to include her: the color was matching as well as the shape of the umbrella against the arcs of the door.

      Of course this contradicts something like Stephen Shore’s intention, as he asked “Could I structure the picture in such a way that communicated my experience of standing there, taking in the scene in front of me? …”

      I certainly did more than just taking in the scene.

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