A Question Of Self-Esteem

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Salzburg, Austria

“Art Dealers And Children First” – this begs for a number of questions to be asked, like “Is there a catastrophy ahead, Titanic-like, and the survival of Art Dealers is critical?”, or “Are Art Dealers more helpless than women?”, and “Will the Art Dealers take care of the children?”. I have to admit that I don’t get the sense of that provoking question. Oh well, probably great Art, and me, I am too small for it.


  1. Think of it the other way: In case of trouble, pitch children and art dealers overboard first.

    The children are small and will probably float easily.

    Come to think of it, art dealers are all full of gas and [sadly] won’t sink!

  2. James, Tyler: Martina is right. Kids float without help, art dealers by gas, women are not helpless any more, and men survive anyway. The life buoy is simply not needed anymore.

  3. Mark Twain has a wonderful quote about boys.

    “At the age of 13 little boys start pretending to be grown men. This practice continues until their death.”

  4. Perhaps the artist was just having a sarcastic dig at art dealers 🙂

    In any case I have met some exceptionally nice art dealers in my time. Ones who truly cared about the artists and who would send the artists to the life-boats before themselves.

    Nice capture by the way.

    1. Cedric, this could be a double entendre, as I found it in the shop window of an – art dealer!

      The problem with all mocking of course is, that by summarizing a group you always disregard the exception but rather take the worst examples as representatives. Mea culpa…

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