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Steingasse, Salzburg

An answer to Martina’s comment on yesterday’s post “It’s the same everywhere in Germany, isn’t it?”: In urban areas, probably yes – even in Austria.
Admittedly I like Bauhaus design very much, so I am somewhat ambivalent especially regarding the architecture in yesterday’s image. In dreary weather it looks depressing for me, whereas today’s Salzburg example with blue skies and blossoms certainly looks more appealing.


  1. There is a difference between Bauhaus and yesterday’s cubes. What I described as “hopeless” is the merging of Bauhaus with mediocrity – where you have the feeling every architect is a Bauhaus fan without the means … . Kind of Ikea Bauhaus.

    Disclaimer: I like Bauhaus very much, too.

    1. Worse than Ikea Bauhaus: The Hornbach/Praktiker/Hagebaumarkt type of Bauhaus.

      Yes, ignorant imitation of a good style can yield terrible results.

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