1. “You have no privacy. Get over it.” Not my opinion, but former Sun CEO Scott McNealy’s words. And to quote Jason Benlevi (Pulling The Plug On The Cult Of Tech) on that quote: “When you are a billionaire, with access to a private jet, private security services, private schools, and gated estates, it is probably pretty easy to get over it. For the rest of us it is a huge nasty issue.” Nuff’ said.

    1. Paul, if one can’t afford to live in a gated community, surveillance cameras are maybe the poor man’s solution…

    1. At least I don’t live in Great Britain, the country with the highest density of surveillance cameras – and one of the highest crime rates in spite of these units.

    1. But it helps selling, Thomas! Don’t even think if it makes sense, just count your cash (and/or your voters) at the end of the day.

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