1. Even though I know that there are cameras out there that exceed even this, I still find that being able to routinely use ISO 1600 as you have done is pretty amazing. When I think about what those old fast AGFA films used to be like, the clarity and colours in this image are stunning.

    1. Yes, Colin, that availability of high ISO is a wonderful benefit of going digital. In film days, as a pro it was probably easier – costs of film and push development were covered by the business side – but for mere mortals it was a challenge. And then, it never yielded results like this (without any noise reduction applied in this image), created with a wonderful small camera.

  2. I love the feeling of this photo. The end of a work day, people going home, the deep blue sky, the awakening lights. I assume that is the Mercedes tower in the background? Looks like a neat building.

    1. Yes, John, that end-of-day busyness is fine, and of course the mixed cold evening and warm artificial light. The more I use these situation, the better I understand Hopper’s love for it.

      In the background there is indeed a Mercedes sign, towering over a huge local car dealership.

  3. In the center, far right side of the frame, imposed on the blur of a moving van or bus is a small rectangle that contains what appears to be tiny walking person (reflection, silhouette?) It caught my eye and I cannot figure out what it is or how it could appear there.

    1. Tyler, you got me thinking again. The best explanation I could come up is person backlighted by the invisible side of the illuminated billboard to the right, reflected for a moment shorter than exposure time in the window of the car passing through the right side of the frame. Does that sound logical?
      Anyhow, the figure and its mysteriousness adds to the image, keeps eye and mind busy.

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