1. Markus, you are on a roll, as we say here in England. I too like reduced colour palettes in a picture, and here the pink in the mural really stands out even though we both know that it doesn’t really. It’s a clever composition, made better by ensuring that the verticals are in fact vertical.

    1. Thanks, Colin! I have to be careful a bit that this play with the incomplete palette doesn’t degenerate to a trick. But for me it also works in the images of others.

  2. My first thought as a title for this fine image was “Forever Spring” even as winter lies upon the ground. That first balcony would have a good view of “spring.”

    1. Earl, luckily enough the winters in Munich are not overly long. But beeing greeted by such a spring vista throughout the year than just having to stair at a bleak wall. The first floor certainly is privileged, not only in terms of view of the mural.

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