1. John, Santorums and their like in disguise you will probably find everywhere. In Germany we have a quite sophisticated political caste at the moment, with the consequence that things get nivellated and boring and people don’t see a big choice.

  1. And this is the real thing?
    A Klappmantelhydrant? With valves that open to the left?

    Nice how there are a few red spots in the photo.

      1. Have you ever seen an “Alter Münchner”?

        I’ve downloaded almost the same pdf from another Jugendfeuerwehr two days ago … if my computer will ever be hacked the hacker might think I am a firefighter ….

        1. No, haven’t seen it. But I can try and ask for connections to the firefighters brigade – they wanted a map from me, so I can ask for something in exchange.

            1. The map is interesting – pretty similar technology to what I use for our environmental mapping. And you made me curious, so I’ll see how far I get in my search for “Alte Münchner”

    1. Colin, this is certainly more in my picturing realms than the nightly scenery was. I admit I have a faible for such incomplete palettes. I don’t know why, but leaving one primary color out of the image very often works for me, allows me to play better with shapes and their arrangements.

    1. Thanks, Carl. I had left the office for lunch break – and to fulfill Martina’s request – and it seems I was open enough to become aware of such a quiet, unobtrusive scenery.

  2. And I thought I’d only learn something about photography here. Thanks for the intro to German hydrantism – another education gap closed (sort of…;)

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