Smoke Weed

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Piding, Bavaria

Among the 5000+ inhabitants of the village of Piding there must be at least one avid smoker. Maybe not the worst way to gain equilibrium in grey, cold winter hours.

Once again I was taking advantage of my daughter’s musical education: Acting as a driver for her rehearsal purposes, I walked my camera and used the blue evening light to train vision and lens.


  1. … and just when I wanted to call it a day I read “smoke weed” and had to have a look …

    I wonder what the thing in the foreground is – the metallic door …

    Nice atmosphere you caught – like an abandoned circus …

    1. Uh, I’d love it to be an abandoned circus – instead its the construction site for ultimate profanity, a new Tengelmann market. And that shiny piece of metal is probably an excavated lid for some sub-soil device, maybe a tank …

      How was the fish – must have been large, given your long absence? Somehow my comment yesterday on your blog seems to have vanished.

      1. Hmm, no comment in comments. No comment in spam. And I didn’t get an email about a comment. Ergo: there was no comment. 😉

        Really? Don’t know.

        With the blue and rosy colours even a construction site has some magic it seems.

        Long absence? Only a week of snowboarding in Austria. Sigh.

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