1. I love this. All the seemingly empty space in the near stuff, and then all this wonderful complexity and action and figures in the far space. No subject and background, but a picture that works all over.

    1. Admittedly, this complexity revealed itself only on the screen, but not in the viewfinder, Carl. I guess that feeling and experience made me activate the shutter here.

    1. and reward, Juha! Which of course is very motivating, especially when crowning a day of boring meetings. (I am sure you know this all too well…)

    1. Thanks, Colin! In hindsight I am more than glad that I had skipped lunch that day and instead taken a walk. And as I carry a small Lumix G3 now instead of the DSLR, photography has gotten a much “lighter” quality now. I know, you have taken this step much earlier already…

    1. Paul, I am glad it did. Humor is one of the strong and positive powers in our world, and of course it makes me glad if I can contribute.

    1. And you know yourself how hard this is to achieve, Earl. At least I can’t do it on purpose, it’s more that serendipity factor that is at work in photography sometimes. What we can do is to be out there, with open eyes and a camera. Sometimes everything falls into place.

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