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Nice surprise in the evening: My friendly hoster not only suspended but terminated my account without warning. The action that led to termination was the upgrade of the wordpress version. The account was terminated without providing any documentary evidence  of the alleged overusage of ressources. At least financially the potential loss is bearable, but I am looking forward if they will refund the already prepaid monthly fees.

Lucky me that I have backups and have contracted another hoster (greengeeks.com) already yesterday evening. So what you read comes from the new server, and I keep my fingers crossed that this will be a positive experience.


  1. Good luck, Markus. I always had trouble posting comments to your blog on the old hoster. Maybe the new one will be better. Good move!

    1. Eric, up to now it looks good. I never got those blank pages I learned to hate so much with the old hoster. But don’t talk about the amount of work involved, as I had to transfer three wikis and three other blogs as well.

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