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  1. Great photograph Markus. Lovely reflection and gorgeous doors.

    Funny thing about coffee for me, it has no discernible effect on me. I can drink a lot or none and it makes no difference. I can drink an espresso after dinner and have no problem sleeping. I hope this lasts because I do enjoy it 😉

    1. Cedric, good black coffee is something I really enjoy: it’s not forbidden by law, not immoral and doesn’t make me grow weight or harms my health 🙂

      So if there is an opportunity I never take down an offer, given it’s before midnight. Yes, and I too hope this lasts!

  2. John, for me Budapest train station was like a bounty where I had to haste through, trying to reach the corresponding train. And I am glad I took pictures, maybe next time there is already a faceless modern aluminium door in this place.

  3. And I really do hope there is no St..bu.ks at the Budapest station … as it is at almost every other train station in the world I fear …

    1. Oh Martina, for sure there is! Could you imagine a chain restaurant leaving out the opportunity to put its odor mark (in this case literally) in such a wonderful environment? But at least it’s not that invasive – a red M would be worse.

  4. Yellow M 🙂

    In Mainz all the girls are taking photos with their smartphones of themselves in front of the said establishment – it’s so cool to drink coffee nowadays … eh …

    1. Yellow? Of course! You see how far away I am from this. But for my daughter, too, MCD certainly is cool. Good that the next one is 20km away.

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