Kávéház – Coffee Shop

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Budapest, Hungary

Unfortunately the coffee shop in the north wing of Keleti train station was closed and my kaffeine level dropped to an all day low. But the place was too interesting to spend time with bad coffee (and good coffee seemed not to be at hand).


  1. Great photograph Markus. Lovely reflection and gorgeous doors.

    Funny thing about coffee for me, it has no discernible effect on me. I can drink a lot or none and it makes no difference. I can drink an espresso after dinner and have no problem sleeping. I hope this lasts because I do enjoy it 😉

    1. Cedric, good black coffee is something I really enjoy: it’s not forbidden by law, not immoral and doesn’t make me grow weight or harms my health 🙂

      So if there is an opportunity I never take down an offer, given it’s before midnight. Yes, and I too hope this lasts!

  2. John, for me Budapest train station was like a bounty where I had to haste through, trying to reach the corresponding train. And I am glad I took pictures, maybe next time there is already a faceless modern aluminium door in this place.

  3. And I really do hope there is no St..bu.ks at the Budapest station … as it is at almost every other train station in the world I fear …

    1. Oh Martina, for sure there is! Could you imagine a chain restaurant leaving out the opportunity to put its odor mark (in this case literally) in such a wonderful environment? But at least it’s not that invasive – a red M would be worse.

  4. Yellow M 🙂

    In Mainz all the girls are taking photos with their smartphones of themselves in front of the said establishment – it’s so cool to drink coffee nowadays … eh …

    1. Yellow? Of course! You see how far away I am from this. But for my daughter, too, MCD certainly is cool. Good that the next one is 20km away.

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