Nagytemplom – Great Reformed Church Debrecen

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Debrecen, Hungary

This church is one of the most important places in Hungary’s history, is in 1848 the Hungarian Declaration of Independence was made just here. That it is a protestant church in the mainly roman catholic Hungary has its reason in the proximity to the then Osman empire: The counter-reformation could not reach this place due to its near-border situation and its relationship with the Turkish state, which received tribute payments from the city’s economically successful calvinists and in a certain sense provided protection.


  1. Were you able to take any interior shots? It’s beautiful from the outside, I’d be curious what it’s like inside.


  2. John, unfortunately I was in a hurry, loaded with bagagge and bound to reach my train to Budapest, so I just turned back and made this one picture. I only know from wikipedia that inside they show Kossuth’s chair there – he was the hero of the Hungarian Revolution 1848 and later Regent-President.

    What shall I tell you – I nearly missed that train and had to run the last 300m to the station…

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