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Thumsee, Bavaria

Just some shapes and colors for today, which found during our last bathing excursion to Thumsee (already quite cold it is, with autumn so near). I had brought the old Minolta 1.4/85mm lens, which I love very much for the soft transition into the unsharp, also in this image. Despite being something purely technical, I love that play with sharpness in photography very much. I think this is unique for this visual art, not available in painting or drawing. And it can give very pleasing effects, like here, where I did not open the diaphragm to the maximum to get a subdued effect.


    1. I am glad that you like it, Ken. As my DSLR viewfinder is extremely inaccurate when it comes to rendering images through a wide-open lens, it needs some experience and a small series to secure the the targeted result.

    1. Colin, don’t make me blush. I am quite amateurish in the sense that I don’t make and evaluate test series, which would allow me to predict the effects. I just have a certain affection for some blur where adequate, and that I try (and err often) to achieve.

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