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Krk, Croatia

Just in time I managed to finish and upload my SoFoBoMo 2011 photobook, aptly titled Conditioned Krk for the countless air condition units it features. Those creepers have been subjects of a number of pictures I posted from Krk, and this year I’ve used the opportunity of SoFoBoMo’s fuzzy month and my summer holidays to build a book of these visual contaminants.

Oh well, I shouldn’t complain that much, living in a moderate climate most of times. Maybe some people of Krk take my visual notes and draw their own conclusion about how to devise their environment.

My special thanks go to Eric Jeschke for providing the LaTex sources of his own 2009 photo book under a Gnu Public License, which allowed me to achieve a compact web pdf in a very fast way, and at the same time creating a blurbable high-res pdf as well.

Update: The pdf is now available from the books section of this website as well.


  1. A nice airy experience – well done! It is interesting how one’s viewing changes when there are, as a theme, specific elements (air condition units) one is looking at in a photograph. Makes one think about how we are conditioned to view the world.

    Using LaTeX seems to be a clever way of automating the typesetting and pdf-generation. Good to have as a choice!

  2. Hi Markus,
    Thanks for the nod. Your book turned out very nice!

    I still think you should do one on Krk doors. Or doors in general. You’ve got a project there (I think) after all the door photos I’ve seen on your blog…

  3. Thanks to all for the thumbs up! Using “Conditioned” certainly was a play with the word, too, and with a serious background: My viewfinder experience changed a lot when working for this project, and now needs a certain formatting so that I don’t see only air condition units when taking in a scenery.
    @Eric: The door project is on the way. Your comment made me reviewing parts of the vast amounts of doors I’ve already collected, already before blog times. Krk, and Budapest as well, are really paradises in terms of this topic.

  4. I just found some time this week to have a deeper and more thorough look at the book: it is surreal where of all places you have spotted the (truly ugly) units. I like the structure of the book very much, too.

    1. Thx for the positive feedback, Martina. While now and then I can spot those ugly boxes here back home, in Krk their overabundance sometimes sounded like a crescendo: I couldn’t turn my head without seeing a new one! I am just wondering about the ratio of permanent Krk inhabitants and the number of AC boxes there.

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