1. Well noticed, Juha. But Croatia being a catholic country, I have my doubts that especially a pastor, a protestant priest, would be inside 😉

  1. From the placement I wonder if a fire and dog poo are considered the same level of emergency. I guess it would depend on where you stepped! 😉

    1. Earl, in Germany dog poos are often referred to as “anti-personnel landmines”! So yes, they are at least as dangerous as fire!

    1. Yes, those bags are well used here. The camp ground allows dogs, and I am glad that 99% of the dog owners are responsible enough to take care of their pet’s bequest – while according to my observations this is not always the case in the streets of my hometown.

  2. LOL – this photo with its title made my brain instantly work: fire extinguisher – dog poo – extinguish poo with foam – what a mess.
    Kind of a surreal comic.

    server is a little bit under the weather …

    1. Martina, that inherent surreal comic grabbed my attentention pretty fast, but it took three attempts to create an image out of it – blue sky was too distracting, once the perspective was wrong. Condensing humor into an image can be a challenge.

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