1. You’re developing a very consistent photographic style when you’re in Krk (still reads like a typo…;) Not too vacation-like, but rather calm, with a touch melancholy. I like!

    1. Thomas, I am definitely not the beach holiday type, at least not for more than three days. But I am in a minority position in the family, and walking the camera, especially with appreciable results, is a compensation.

      And in a sense it’s a similar challenge as photographing at home in familiar surroundings: the challenge is to not fall into the “spectacular or romantic” traps. Krk still offers a lot for me.

      Regarding the spelling: 5km away there is a place named “Vrh”, pronounced like the German “Vrch”. Now that is strange!

  2. “Vrh”, pronounced like the German “Vrch”

    Either way there isn’t a vowel, so pronunciation remains a mystery to an English speaker.

    1. Carl, not only to English speakers. Were it not for the German-Croatian owner of the Galleria Dagmar in Krk, I would have had no idea how to pronounce it. Missing vowels are not too rare in Croatia btw. That “rh” here is – I looked it up – spoken like the “ch” in arachnophobia. All in all a strange name for our tongues.

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