1. It’s a somewhat strange subject – I doubt that it is still functional, but the rusty track seems to perpetuate the flow of the water and nourish the birch sapling.

  1. Hey, where did my comment go? 😉

    However, I said something like: this is not “typical German” to me, why is the tap there in this hole in the wall?

    1. Before the car park behind the wall was constructed, this area belonged to the church. So maybe this is the relict of some garden, which would explain the presence of the water tap here. But why it was set backwards into the hole remains mysterious.

  2. Perhaps someone really thought that it might look better this way? It seemed to be usedwith a hose (because of the thread) so no need for enough space to accomodate a watering can and the like.

    1. Oh, I had to look up that one. Supposedly you didn’t mean “Biological Diversity of the Guiana Shield (Smithsonian Institute)”…

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