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Grossgmain, Austria

While static subject matter is no challenge for a tiny camera, moving subject is. In order to avoid exceeding stress, I worked the camera at the set-up festival for the maypole in Grossgmain, an Austrian village in the neighborhood. Unless I’ve learned some more tricks, sceneries like that are challenging the photographer (aka me) more than the camera. The good thing with that short maximum focal length is, that I had to foot-zoom right into the scenery to fill the frame, always remembering Capa: “”If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”.


    1. Well, I went in until I was asked to back up for security reasons… But with my DSLR I would have stayed far outside and used a long focal lenght – with totally different and probably less “immediate” results. There was one article from your fellow Finn Petteri Sulonen “Telephoto Is For Cowards”, which I have read years ago, but the headline I still do remember.

      Re. the “dance”: It originates from the fact that those long poles can’t be handled from the end alone but need support poles during repositioning. Well, and up there at the maypole there is decoration which enforces careful handling…

  1. Hmm – under these circumstances … I would be a coward 😉

    But you are absolutely right, there is a special air of life that might not be achieved with a tele lens … “might” — because in the end I think you can use any gear to any achievement. Not so sure at all — but hey, _I_ would have been the coward …

  2. I’d say “to _almost_ any achievement”. When using what is available, the art is to bring out the best possible with what you have. And if everything (focal-length wise) is available, at least I did often forget that coming closer can offer new and sometimes better perspectives. Like in real life…

    1. With all those support poles I felt quite safe. And framing with an LCD gave a good overview of the surroundings, albeit not the concentrated experience of a good SLR viewfinder.

  3. I can’t do that. Last year a couple asked me to take a photo of them both – they gave me their camera. I looked for the viewfinder. No viewfinder. I guess I appeared really stupid. I didn’t know what to do. Until they showed me how to use the lcd screen.
    I am practising, though, for the last two month, with my cell phone. Everything on twitter is done with the cell. I am not satisfied. No.

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