Excursion: Nes****, What Else

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A poignant reminder about the truth of the Einstein quote “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe” reached me just now: The infamous baby-killer (albeit African ones) company of the seventies, Nestlé, will introduce “BabyNes”, just see this link.

I am just thinking who will replace George Clooney as media vehicle – what else – here, or is he pregnant maybe? Anyhow, Nestlé for sure has calculated the numbers of the high income yet intellectually challenged, that will form the hip-chiq customer basis for this thingie.


  1. … eh, did you see the price?

    And – I never understood the Nespr** thing, too. Isn’t it obvious that these capsules don’t make any sense at all and are only _ONLY_ good for adding more to the piles of rubbish? And are quite expensive, too. But try to buy some espresso nowadays that is not pressed in capsules ….
    … okay, now I am ranting …

    Me? I use a caffettiera …

  2. A friend whom I forwarded this to answered:

    “Ich habe mehrere Minuten lang gedacht, das sei ein Aprilscherz!”

  3. Was denkst Du, bei so einer Firma sitzen doch aberhundert Leute und tun nichts als ihr Hirn zermartern, was man noch erfinden könnte, um den Rubel rollen zu lassen (in den eigenen Sack, natürlich).
    Die Idee sieht aberwitzig aus, ich bin aber nicht sicher, ob sie sich nicht doch durchsetzt.
    So ein Fläschchen einfach per Knopfdruck abzapfen, geht superschnell, ist hygienisch – und an den Superpreis denken nur die, die ganz genau damit rechnen müssen . .

    1. This term I will memorize well – the BabyNes is not the only thing in that category.

      For the intended clientel I think it will turn out as another variation of label rabies. I can clearly visualize all those well-off fresh grandparents that want to make a special presents to son and daughter-in-law… So, economically it will be a success, I fear. Environmentally not so much however.

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