Hommage to Lee Friedlander

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The camera at hand pays out, even at occasions like waiting for the family to enter the car. And the association to Friedlander’s famous “America by Car” series came immediately.

But for me it’s more than a simple imitation of his way of framing his image with parts of his car, I tried to capture that moon-like landscape of the empty parking space with those single cars left in front of the great panorama of Watzmann and Hochkalter. Car culture has brought a lot of changes everywhere.


  1. It’s amazing how sharp the car and the trees in the mirror’s reflection are. I like this photo very much, perhaps because I like the moon-like parts of the Alps very much, too.

  2. I’m glad you specified, “waiting for the family to enter the car.” My first thought, until I noticed the surroundings and read the text was…did he take this shot while driving? ­čÖé

  3. @all: Thanks for the positive reception of this image. From the situation at which I made this image I again learned that it pays to remain attentive even when tired or bored – or maybe especially then. But when driving I don’t do anything else – Earl, in Germany that could be fatal, with too many of those wannabe Schumachers on the streets.

  4. By chance I browsed “Das andere Bild der Alpen” the other day – and this photo strongly reminds me of some of Winkler’s photos. If you are interested I might scan them.

    1. Book is found and ordered. I have one Himalaya book of J├╝rgen Winkler – a strange book, as the photoshop artist had pretty much oversharpened all scanned film images- but this one I didn’t know. It is now on sale for a ridiculous price…

  5. Aah, I am really interested in what you will think about it. It has a very cynical approach … I bought it for “an apple and an egg” some time ago. Perhaps it’s too cynical? ­čśë Not what people want to see.

    1. Too cynical? That’s not possible in TEPCO times, unfortunately. You know that they want to build a nuclear power plant in an earthquake-prone region in Turkey?

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