Memento Mori

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The Online Photographer today’s post dealt with the different “sweet spots” of the cameras. The image of the dead gecko certainly profited from a broader sweet spot of the camera used: Not wanting to destroy the nuances with a flash, high ISO as well as image stabilisation was necessary due to the unavailability of a tripod.

The result I think is convincing, enough detail becomes visible when you click on the 1:1 crop to the right. The ants of course show motion blur, but the image is not meant as a documentary, and so this in my eyes adds to the message.


  1. WOW. Okay, usually I want to say something more poignant and differentiated. But this was my first thought. Can’t help it.

  2. WOW – such a collection of WOWs! That is really a “Sweet Spot” 🙂

    Re. the moment: The most astonishing thing for me was how incredibly fast those small ants had dis- and covered the cadaver. When we had left the residence, the gecko was alive and sitting on a wall. Barely two hours later we found it already fully covered. Nature does recycle at blazing speed in the tropics.

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