Bananas, Pineapples

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As near the equator the length of the days is approx. 12 hours during the whole year, at least part of the business life in Sri Lanka have to happen during the dark hours. Since the end of the civil war it is possible again to go out shopping in the evening, something that was either too dangerous or even forbidden for long periods of time.


  1. Thanks for a series of insightful photos from a world quite far remote from ours! Sometimes a bit depressing, especially when looking at the photos from the mosque with bullet holes – but verbal and physical violence as a means of exhanging ideas seems to regain footing all over the world.

    1. Thomas, you are right describing it as “remote”. It is truly far away of what many of us even could imagine, especially we, who were reased in peace and the myth of ever growing prosperity. So those visits for me are a kind of permanent reminders not to take everything as granted, and to value even the matters of course like a (mostly) functioning rule of law.

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