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In the tsunami of 2004, Saintamaruthu had lost its health care center, leaving thousands of citizens without local medical facilities. Overcoming a sequence of difficulties, setbacks and delays, by donations of the GFK and the citizens of Nuremberg and the management of UN-Habitat, a new health care center was erected and now is serving its purpose. When I visited the site, the weekly breastfeeding promotion consultation hours took place – with visible demand.


  1. OK, is this about reassuring mothers that the way nature (evolution) made us is actually still the best option, in opposition to the corrupt first world corporate propaganda for bottle feeding formula to their babies? The big campaigns to get third-world people to adopt bottle feeding to enrich first world corps has always struck me as a reductio ad absurdam of corporatist propaganda and deceit.

    1. Carl, I do well remember the 70s campaign “Nestlé is killing babies”, which for a short time reduced corporate pressure on mothers. Alas, as I had to learn from this article in “The Guardian”, this was not a sustainable success – Nestlé and similar companies still try to expand, because body counts don’t count in this business.

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