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Note the excellent pelvis move of the gentleman in white. Only seconds before he had somewhat posed when descending from the bus, but then the driver got annoyed. You can listen to some seconds of the original sound here: [audio://markus-spring.info/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2010/12/00018_Galle_BusStation2-part1.mp3|autostart=no]
If you don’t like this sound autoplay, please let me know for future reference.


  1. I think the sound is fun here, but could easily be overdone. BTW, the blog roll is not updating at the moment, at least as seen in Firefox. It’s showing posts as of at least a day or so ago, and clicking on the links takes you to more recent postings.

  2. Martha, Carl: Thanks for the positive feedback. I don’t plan to make this a permanent feature – that little recorder needs attention, and it eats batteries like mad – but sometimes it could be a nice variation.
    @Carl: I tried to find the reason for the blogroll malfunction, but just when I started poking into the code itself, it repaired itself.

  3. Markus, the blogroll is working fine now, but the sound track from the second-to-top post plays when you reach the blog, even though it is no longer at the top. The feature may be turning into a bug…

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