1. Markus, I’m not sure I understand your text. Do you mean that you were framing up a picture of the playground and somehow the shutter tripped without conscious intention, just as the woman walked through? Or am I missing the point?

    1. Carl, I should not write a post after 4+ hours on delayed and delaying trains.

      When I was framing the wall and seesaw behind it, I heard the steps coming. As she was coming from the right hand side, I didn’t see her with the open non-viewfinder-eye, And when she passed through the image, by some visceral reaction I triggered the shutter, therefore the sloppy “actuated itself”. For a fraction of a second I had thought where to put the focal plane, but left it at the wall. Now I am glad about this, I think it adds a certain strange, illogical aspect to the image.

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