Autumnal Still

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I simply couldn’t resist 🙂

Resist I can however to comment on the results of the U.S. elections. Which is anyhow the best thing to do as I would lack words.

So I close my eyes, ears and mouth and nurture the sensitive and fragile plant of my creativity, trying not to dung it to death with cynicism or pure despair.


    1. Martha, Carl meanwhile sent me a short analysis that at least sees a wee bit of consolation in that disaster. But still, when I remember those high spirits of 2008, especially my experience of the election day in China, it is an incredible decline.

  1. Krach machen im Moment ja weniger die Säger als vielmehr die Bläser, die des Laubes.
    Die feine Ironie des Bildes mit diesem Titel ist ein echtes Kleinod!

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