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  1. Me the same, duh …

    This is a quite interesting wall, I like the composition with the two trees, the window, the upper tree section and the rain pattern very much.

  2. Strong composition – my only remark might be the slightly too bright spot on the upper rim of the photo (slightly to the left). Attracts a bit too much attentention and lets my eyes “escape” from the otherwise very strong frame within the photo.

    It’s certainly a photo that desribes the cold, slightly grey side of autumn…

    1. Thomas, I see what you mean, and I have to admit that I feel tempted to clone in some more roof tiles. But then, this certainly would open Pandora’s box… I don’t hesitate to dodge or burn or tinker with contrast or saturation, but cloning to achieve an effect I couldn’t have gotten by repositioning, hmm. Better not. I guess I’ll play a bit with darkening the spot to make it less prominent.

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