Fall Rhythm

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The beginning of the cold season usually awakens new melancholic feelings in me, this year is not different from the last ones. The wall with traces of dirty rainwater was already subject of a post one year ago, but this time I concentrated more on the almost repelling character of a cold rhythm of roof tiles, plaster, trees.


  1. Me the same, duh …

    This is a quite interesting wall, I like the composition with the two trees, the window, the upper tree section and the rain pattern very much.

  2. Strong composition – my only remark might be the slightly too bright spot on the upper rim of the photo (slightly to the left). Attracts a bit too much attentention and lets my eyes “escape” from the otherwise very strong frame within the photo.

    It’s certainly a photo that desribes the cold, slightly grey side of autumn…

    1. Thomas, I see what you mean, and I have to admit that I feel tempted to clone in some more roof tiles. But then, this certainly would open Pandora’s box… I don’t hesitate to dodge or burn or tinker with contrast or saturation, but cloning to achieve an effect I couldn’t have gotten by repositioning, hmm. Better not. I guess I’ll play a bit with darkening the spot to make it less prominent.

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