Old Engineering Town Hall, Munich

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Old Technical Town Hall, Munich. Tagged with
Old Technical Town Hall, Munich. Tagged with

The City of Munich is proud of its villagey character and therefore has decided in the year 2004 not to allow new high-risers to be built in the (largely drawn) center of the city – only outside the ring streets this remains possible. But in the very center of Munich there still is a 12-storey building, erected 1928 following the plans of Hermann Leitensdorfer, as the then technical/engineering town hall for the city administration. The most interesting part inside is probably the staircase in an extremely sober style of New Objectivity, yet still the influence of a bit of Art Nouveau’s stylistic vocabulary seems to be visible.


  1. The stairway is not only interesting but beautiful in its plain and sober style – the photos emphasise this, especially the second one.

    1. Martina, I just didn’t want to start with one more of those beaten-to-death spiral staircase images. But I admit the view down there (as well as up) is fascinating.

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