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  1. Are there some more coming? I found your country wedding series very interesting – as a backup photographer you had the opportunity to take photos of the side scenes, it seems. And as so many times before you give us a really good impression of the atmosphere.

    Disclaimer: as a non-Bavarian German this is as exotic to my eyes as it might be to the eyes of any American/Australian/etc..

    1. My inventory of images that keep the guest’s privacy is running out – I have to ask the newly-weds to consent publication.
      But I had to grin about your remark re. the excotic-ness (or is it exoticity, akin to toxicity) of a Bavarian country wedding: You know, it’s this unique combination of laptop and lederhosen, of strict religiosity and FDP-voting (or the green party in the capital) that makes this state so interesting to live in. As long as you are not a “Zuagroasta”, an immigrant – which you can remain for lifetime even if the migration distance is only 40km.

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