New Gallery: Blue Ship Details

Blue Ship Details. Tagged with Krk

The two last years I have collected images of the red shipping vessels moored in the harbour of Krk. The best frames went into the small gallery “Red Ship Details” here on this site. In a certain sense finding these images was simple as red is compelling, almost shouting at you. Add to that the fact that where I live red is a rare color (only some train waggons are red) and it is easy to understand my fascination.

The new gallery “Blue Ship Details” is less “pushy” in its colours. The blue ships in Krk have wooden hulls and are generally older. Here my interest was sparked by the weathered surfaces and the blue-white contrast. These images are more quiet, but I love them not lesser than my red series.


    1. Thx. The “weathered” thingie has probably only a short lifespan left in Croatia. Within 2 years Croatia will be in the EU and this will probably put an end to such low cost/low profile fishery.
      As a photographer I can go on and watch out for appealing things wherever else, but some developments at least I see as a mixed blessing.

    1. Nix mehr Urlaub – wir sind letzten Sonntag schon zurückgekommen. Ich lebe sozusagen vom Eingemachten. Aber Danke für das Lob!

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