More Krk Shadows

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As Krk has a strict regime on construction activities, the historic (aka 19th century) appearance of its structure is mostly intact inside the city walls. The houses are of similar height and irregular floor plan and the walls richly structured. Thus the interesting play of shadows everywhere. The challenge for the council now will be to find the right balance between the justified demands of the population for more comfort and the demands of tourism to retain that pittoresque appearance. At the moment there is an unlimited spread of ACs everwhere, which will certainly damage the attractivity of the city if not channeled where necessary.


  1. When I see roof-line shadows, such as this, my mind quickly tries to envision what those shadow casting roofs look like, at least their shape. I guess the mind always tries to relate and make sense of things with whatever information it has available — a trait the photographer can often used to their advantage.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. This way of visualizing certainly is both consequence and precondition of successful photography. And it also means that we get sensitive for things that others might barely notice when walking by. Btw, this is for me a big part of the benefit of photography.

      A good weekend to you, too!

    1. And sometimes the lazy one gets rewarded: I admit that I captured only this single one frame of the scenery, not even noticing the pigeon in the viewfinder. The image would work without, but it for sure is the icing on cake.

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