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Having packed up work, it’s almost dark again, especially when thick clouds dim the little daylight even more. This matches the winter’s cold, and it makes the warm light out of the windows even more attractive. The best time to see and capture this is twilight, just before the street lights get switched on and shift the light’s colour to a, well, less attractive one.

The building in the background to the right is the old royal spa center (featured here, here, here, last image and here), which has the most beautiful hall here in Bad Reichenhall, used for concerts and receptions.


  1. Those little bits of warm window light certainly add a bit of an inviting atmosphere to a rather cold exterior. It makes you feeling like heading inside. I like both photos, but the top one, showing the bit of snow on the roof makes the warm light even more appealing.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Strange enough, winters seems to last here for some more weeks. But climate statistics noted that January 2010 was among the warmest ever measured. It seem that the distribution of warm and cold gets more erratic with the change. At least I will have some more days to search for the beauty of slowly melting snow heaps.

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