The Old Song: Commuting, Rain

The Old Song: Commuting, Rain(2) Sitting in the bus, peering through the front window, I suddenly had this feeling that the scenery of red lights in front of me might unfold into an image worth recording. Some quick fiddling brought out the camera of the backpack, luckily with the 1.8/28mm lens alread mounted, and I took the first shot without thinking, but before the second and third I dialed in exposure compensation. Well, what shall I say: the first shot was “right” in the way that it recorded that ghostly scenery of light sources and reflections, giving not too much clue of the real scenery. The 3rd shot turned out mundane, interesting more as reference for comparison then anything else.

And now it’s high time to tune the formatting of the blog again – the highslide plugin I use for the image popups used up the minimum distance between text and image. This needs to be addressed.


  1. In traffic and weather conditions such as your photos depict I’d much rather be a passenger then the driver. As a driver there is too much stress to enjoy the display of lights where as a passenger the mind can relax enough to see beauty in the scene.

    Very interesting photos. I feel the windshield reflections and rain add to the shots.

  2. Earl, winter is definitely a challenge for every driver, and I also do avoid driving myself whenever possible. Luckily enough I live in a part of the country where public transport is quite good, reliable and frequent

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