Salzburg MOMA

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Matching to the return of grey winter weather, not only here but also in the new world, like in Woodbury. Here is an image that was taken outside the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg, Austria. Even without the works of art inside the museum, this place should be on everyone’s agenda when coming to Salzburg, and if it’s only for this view


    1. Juha, these hills above Salzburg offer tremendous opportunities for photography throughout the year. I never get tired up here.

    1. Martha, I especially liked the combination of that mirror and the Buddha’s head. I think in the Buddhist philosophy the mirror and the reflection are among the key concepts. And I was glad that these sculptures offered the possibility to combine those items.

  1. I visited Salzburg back in 1978 while stationed in southern Italy as a member of the USAF. A most beautiful place from what I can remember. I believe I do have some photo around somewhere. It was grey here yesterday as well and snow fell for most of the afternoon. Where’s spring?! 🙂

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