March Blizzard(2)Today morning’s snowfall managed again to cast a spell on our garden. And besides the optical merits, it made me happy on a different level: All those hazel and alder pollen that had started to pollute (see that unison?) the air and made me announce my arrival wherever by loud and unstoppable pollinosis-induced sneezing: Now they are crushed on the ground, wetted to innoxiousness and frozen to death. Sometimes I am gleeful for a reason. It’s only that I now I just have a small grace period.

March Blizzard


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  1. Markus, Beautiful snowfall! I have spring allergies as well and often welcome spring rain showers for much the same reason — knocking down the pollen. Have a good weekend!

    1. Earl, today it was even colder with sharp gusts of wind, but believe-it-or-not, my sneezers could be heard several blocks. I admit this pretty much downs all anticipation of spring.

    1. Ha – I’d love to do this. It would not help escaping either winter cold or spring pollinosis, but I guess I would really enjoy this!

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