Benches, Snow

Benches, Snow(2)

Benches, Snow

Benches, Snow(4)

Benches, Snow(2)

Benches, Snow(6)

This morning I had 15 minutes after having dropped wife and kids at their respective schools. Without gloves and cap, I was glad that the time was limited as my hands were numb afterwards. But I enjoyed the play of the snowflakes and the intensified effect of aerial perspective, so these 15 minutes were really prolific. Having only the “wrong” lens, the 127mme tele, was not a problem at all. The compression effect also enhanced the snowfall, and all images got kind of a similar signature look.


  1. Taking the “wrong” lens often has surprising effects – I think with these photos the lens emphasises the sometimes claustrophobic winter “look” with the field of vision reduced. I can almost touch the snowflakes ­čÖé

    1. Martina, that 127mme prime, which would be a 85mm lens on full frame, was something I desired for years. When I finally bought it last year, of course I made immediately use of the wide open f-stop with some really convincing results. As a medium tele it felt awkwards and too long for quite some time, and as a single lens it is really difficult. But especially here in this situation the “wrong” was definitely the right lens. Good that I didn’t have a choice, I might have decided against it and have lost what that compressed look.

      Oh yes, and I have noticed my provider of the technical problems. It seems that I have to pay the price now for switching away from blogger.

  2. I guess when you only have a limited amount of time, a prime less (of whatever focal length) might really help. Or better: does not distract from getting the shots. At least it seems to have worked for you! Snowy series… ­čśë I like the heavy load of snowflakes in the air, the muted colors and the feeling of solitude.

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