Les Arbres Verts

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Again from Thumsee, the magic place. The water of this lake is cold and very clear even in the summer, and now in the winter time the reflections on the jet black surface are just magical.

Les Arbres Verts(2). Tagged with Thumsee, Klara

Just to show you what it is like in the summer. And no, I don’t really suffer from winter’s cold and snow up to now. The less so as pollen season is about to start, so I do know what I am trading in for the warmer times of spring and early summer.


  1. Great stuff! That really works for me. Semi-abstract, but still recognizable. Takes a while to digest. Dark, moody atmosphere. Perfect…

    1. You know what the most wondrous thing with this image is for me? I took it barely 200m away of a very frequented road, in just a minimal time slice I carved out of the family promenade.

  2. Simply awesome! Love it! Didn’t see you or anyone (other than me) with a camera there last weekend. Your colors and the crystalline chunkiness are amazing.

    1. Martha, I saw your images from your weekend in Inzell. Unfortunately I could spend only little time at Thumsee (too cold for the kids), but I will definitely come back there. I guess the landscape will change pretty fast as soon as it gets warmer.

  3. That is fab-u-lous! This image keeps you looking, wondering, and staring deeper. Certainly, this is one to frame, hang, and wonder about.

    1. Paul, thanks for the praise! I will definitely get it printed large. This is an image for cold, grey days, when you can’t imagine how wonderful the landscape just outside your door can be.

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